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It’s crazy how so much changes. People who were your friends, are no longer your friends. Those who loved you no longer even know you exist. Everyone who said they would always be there and never ever leave, left. The promises they made, are forgotten about. The memories they left you with, fade away. You slowly begin to forget about them and the hurt they put you through. But when you see them again or read old messages from them you remember how things used to be and sometimes you can’t help but wish you had those people back in your life. but the truth of the matter is, it’s life. People become what they said they would never be. They do things they said they would never do. And then they just stop talking to you like you were absolutely nothing to them. Someone who was your best friend is now a stranger and the worst part of it is, is that you have no control over any of these things. We cannot understand other people and their decisions and never will. Sometimes a person can’t even understand their own decisions so how can they explain them to someone else? I know i cant. I’ve done things I’m not proud of and I’ve left many people in the past without reason or explanation. But what we all need to understand is that life goes on and it really is not the end of the world I promise.You WILL live without them and you will survive it. It’s okay to be upset about it because you have just lost someone who meant so much to you and you may not find someone to fill that empty space for awhile, but one day I guarantee it will be worth it. Leave those people in the past, but remember them and cherish them and your moments with them because if they had not of came into your life it wouldn’t be what it is now, just wait because someone will come and save you and remind you what it’s like to feel happiness again. When you find that person, do not let them go. Hold on to them because if they can fix your sadness then there’s obviously something special there that’s worth holding on to
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